Parenting Styles – Authoritative Parenting

                                                    Authoritative Parenting – A moderate approach

Most applauded by developmental psychologists, the authoritative style of parenting is all about taking a moderate approach with respect to dealing with children. While, it does involve drawing certain lines to ensure socially acceptable behaviour and inculcate good habits, it also tends towards nurturing children in an encouraging environment which allows them to think and act in a balanced manner. In this style of parenting, respect is a give and take element, whereby both parents as well as the children appreciate each other’s opinion and give them due importance.

Moreover, the parents are often very responsive to the children’s emotional needs thus making the home environment extremely warm, friendly and full of love.

The Ways and Means

This style of parenting is known to facilitate the best outcomes, in terms of the emotional, mental and social strength of the children!

Like authoritarian parents (, even authoritative parents have a fair amount of expectation from their children, but most of the times their expectations are with respect to the children’s level of maturity and the cooperative spirit that they exhibit. When children make mistakes or resort to unreasonable behaviour, rather than punishing them, the parents try to reason with them. The parents often encourage a two way communication, and simply make the children aware of the consequences of bad behaviour. These parents always consider Children views, opinions and suggestions.

The Effects

Authoritative parenting style encourages independence along with fostering values like self-discipline, respect for others and overall maturity. Apart from these, children derive many benefits from an authoritative environment, a few of which are:

  • Tendency to develop strong social bonds
  • Perform well in academic activities
  • Strong decision making capabilities
  • High emotional stability
  • Ability to stay away from vices like drinking and drug abuse
  • A cheerful and happy attitude towards life.

Developmental psychologist, Buamrind asserts that in the present scenario of growing social instability, the sensitiveness of authoritative style of parenting along with its reasonable demands make for a strong emotional foundation for the growing kids.