What is Storytelling And Why?

What is carved on rocks will wear away in time, what is told from mouth to mouth will live forever

                                                                                                                                                 – Vietnamese saying

What is a story\Storytelling??

Story is an approach to convey our feelings and thoughts to others and that need not always be a human being. We do tell stories to ourselves. Some times without uttering a single word, we convey our story to others by using our expressions, which is a vital part of storytelling- That’s the power of a story.

Yes! Storytelling is an Art. The stage is so big – Our Lifetime. And the performers are none other than you and me and every one. There is no age limit and no formal training but everyone is good at delivering stories effectively 🙂

Stories fill our lives in the way that air fills the earth. We can’t see and touch the air (but breath) in the same way we live around stories subconsciously.

Why stories??

Nobody is interested in messages, statistics, facts, reports, however there is a need to be communicated, but how is the question ………this is the moment , we need a story which is weaved around our message and convey it in a delightful way.

We, human beings are social creatures; we can’t live without interactions. If that interaction is in a profound way that makes sense to others then they will understand you better and story helps us here.

That is why everyone enjoys a good story. Our brains become more active when we are being involved in a story. The reason behind this involvement is simple, when we are listening to a story we are not just listening to words, we are able convert those words into characters, emotions, expressions etc. In this process we use our whole brain by asking questions, solving problems of the characters, visualizing places etc.

     The only source of knowledge is experience — Albert Einstein

We learn by experience, but we can’t experience everything and learn, why?? Because we have got only one life. So the shortest way to experience something is a STORY. 🙂

Matter to kids??

Today everybody wants their children to be good communicators, great achievers, well balanced folks … Believe it or not these are all possible by storytelling.

When the children are happy they learn more, what makes them happier than that immersing in a creative world of story?

Story is the only thing that makes your “Ants in your Pants” sort of kids immovable with their wide opened eyes for at least 5 – 10 minutes, when they are listening to a story they are not just listeners, they enter into their own imaginary world without limitations (unless you interrupt them) and connect with the characters of the story and experience the situation and solve problems, know about other cultures.

You don’t need expensive toys, games, electronic gadgets to teach your children important life skills, just tell them more stories.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them more fairy tales – Albert Einstein

                                                                             Happy Storytelling!  🙂