Super Abilities Only Mom Can Develop

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Being a mom is like having superpowers!  When you begin caring about your child, with all the agility, strength, and bravery, you suddenly turn into a Supermom. Consistently you are impressive with how you spin something out of nothing, move faster than a bullet and twist yourself into many directions for the sake of your […]

How To Help Your Child To Develop Spatial Thinking Skills

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 Let’s start with – What is spatial thinking?  Spatial means relationship -The ability to understand and remember the relations among the objects. Spatial skill enhances the everyday life. Moreover, Spatial abilities predict your child’s achievement in areas of science, technology, and mathematics. This skill boost your child’s’ skills like making connections and solving problems.  Importance […]

Bad Parenting Practices That Effect Your Child Self-Esteem

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  Confidence is faith in oneself; however it doesn’t come without competence.                   Competence is able to do something efficiently! This feeling provides children the confidence to feel that “I can do it”. If children don’t have faith in their competence, they feel insecure to deal with the outer world. Competence will give them the strength […]

6 ways To Foster Social Skills Through Stories

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Social Skills: Developing effective social skills lead to better communication, showing empathy, understanding other’s body language and emotions which are not taught in school, we as parents need to teach children all these skills through daily conversation or activities. Emotional Intelligence plays crucial role in developing children social skills. “It is an ability to recognize, […]

Thinking Skills

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What do we mean by ‘Thinking Skills’? Thinking is a naturally occurring process that happens as we experience something.  Thinking skills help us to deal with the world around us. The better we think the more we can understand how things work and this can help us realise our potential.   Why do we need […]

Cognitive Skills

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We want our children to be vibrant in their actions and get more out of their life. To fulfil all these hopes and dreams their overall cognitive development is very essential. It refers to the dynamic building of various learning skills of thinking capability, memory building and the ability to pay attention etc. In detail: […]

Parenting Styles – Uninvolved Parenting

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  Uninvolved Parenting This parenting style refers to ignorance of the parents towards their child’s emotional and social needs. While these parents do provide the kids with all the basic necessities of life including good food, ample clothes and a decent academic life, they are often quite inattentive to their emotional needs and rarely show any […]