When you are tumbling into the world of stories it’s important to learn about how many kinds of stories are there to tell.

Folktale: These are Why & How stories but not always scientifically proven stories. We are not sure that the story is true. These stories are passed down from generations. We hear so many variations of one story all over the world. These stories represent local traditions and customs and beliefs.
Example: How Squirrel has got 3 lines on her body.
Ramayana is one of the best Indian mythological stories.
Simply the story is…..
RAMA – The king of “Ayodyha“& Sita – the Queen
Ravana – the King of “Lanka”
Over a dispute between Ravana’s sister and Rama’s brother, RAVANA has got angry and kidnapped Sita – the queen of “Ajodhya”
So king RAMA waged a war on RAVANA. While RAMA and his crew were on the way to LANKA they came across a vast sea which was too big to cross, so they decided to build a bridge. So everybody started carrying bricks to seaside. Then they noticed a little squirrel which was also running here and there. They wondered what this squirrel is doing and asked what are you doing?
The little squirrel looked up and said, “I am helping to build the bridge”
Then everybody began to laugh. How are you going to help us to build this bridge? In fact you are disturbing us by running in our way.
Squirrel replied “No I’m not” I can’t carry bricks like you that’s why I’m carrying these little pebbles which will be useful to build bridge .
Rama was impressed by the squirrel’s determination and took that squirrel into his hands and gently rubbed on her back with his fingers.
Squirrel had got three lines on her body where RAMA touched her.

Fables: Stories that contains Moral\Message. The characters in these stories are mostly animals with human-like behaviours. They talk, think, plan etc. Stories involve around daily life situations and teach us wisdom.Best example is PANCHTANTRA stories.
Example: Crane and the fox
Once there lived a crane and a fox in a forest. One day the fox invited the crane for dinner and served soup in a plate but the crane couldn’t have soup with her long beak. Since the carne couldn’t drink the soup fox had that as well. Crane understood that fox had actually no intention food in a long narrow jar in which it is impossible to eat food to fox. Then fox realised his mistake.

MYTH – These are the imaginative stories woven by ancient people to explain the mysteries around the world. Characters in these stories include gods, monsters with supernatural powers. Imagination is endless!

Lord Krishna and Govardhan Hill:
Lord Indra was the king of 5 elements (Water, Wind, Fire, Sky, and Earth). People of Madhura used to worship Lord Indra for timely rains every year. Indra was so proud of his stature and became arrogant. Sri Krishna thought to teach him a lesson and asked villagers to worship a mountain called Govardhan instead. This made Lord Indra very angry and he ordered god of wind (Vayudeva) to create a storm with heavy rain. To protect the people of Madhura Lord Krishna picked up the Govardhan Mountain on his little finger and all the villagers and animals took shelter under that mountain. Lord Indra couldn’t bother them much and then he realized his mistake and apologized to Krishna.

A legend: A traditional story may have historical evidence contains heroic characters, historic places and animals
FAIRY-TALE: As the name represents these are the stories about

FAIRIES – who have magical powers. These stories are about their powers and how they use those to helps people and win baddies.
Example: Wood Cutter and fairy
Once there was a honest wood cutter daily goes to forest to cut wood and make living. One day he selected a tree beside a river and started cutting a branch that bent to the river. While he was cutting branch his axe fell down into the river. Having lost his only way for living, he was crying inconsolably. Then a fairy came of out of the river and asked him why are you crying, then wood cutter replied I have lost my axe in the river that is only thing I have to make living. Please help me to find my axe. Fairy said “ I will help you don’t worry” and she went into the river. But she wanted to test woodcutter’s honesty and came back with a golden axe and asked him “is this your axe”.
But woodcutter replied “No, this is not mine”
She went into the river and came back with a silver axe and asked him “is this your axe”.
But woodcutter replied “No, this is not mine”. My axe is made by wood not gold and silver.
She went into the river and came back with a wooden axe
Woodcutter said “Yes this is mine”.
Fairy was impressed by the woodcutter’s honesty and gave him 3 axes gold, silver and wooden
Woodcutter went to home happily.

PARABLE: A parable is a short story that carries a religious or moral value.
Example: A man came to a village and asked another man standing at the crossroads: “Friend, which is the house of Mr. Iyer?” “See that house on the top of which a crow is sitting. That is the house of Mr. Iyer,” replied the second man. The first one went away. He returned after a week and was bewildered to find that no crow was sitting on the top of any house. Again he asked a bystander: “Which is the house of Mr. Iyer?” He replied: “That house with three storeys, which is built of stones-that is Mr. Iyer’s house.” Since then he never had any confusion about the house indicated. — PARABLES OF SIVANANDA