Super Abilities Only Mom Can Develop

Being a mom is like having superpowers!

 When you begin caring about your child, with all the agility, strength, and bravery, you suddenly turn into a Supermom. Consistently you are impressive with how you spin something out of nothing, move faster than a bullet and twist yourself into many directions for the sake of your family. By these super powers that all moms have, with no doubt, they only develop super abilities in their child.

 Many of you might have experienced that your child seems helpless, changeable, noisy and

Sometimes stinky. You may get worried when you will find what super abilities your child owns.


 Below are the super abilities only you can develop –


1) Enhance super sight, hearing and taste abilities

 These are the remarkable abilities that your child is in need of, especially for the age of four to

six months who can recognize the fine-details of particular things.

Show your child a toy\fruit and explain about it, you child will pick-up every detail such as its name, look, taste, touch and more.


2) Educate them on what you know how to do

 Its obvious that, you are a supermom.

Utilizing this power, teach them what you know about how to think, act, and talk with

the help of good examples. Acting as a role model will help your child to be more confident that

they can do likewise.


3) Encourage Interest

 At times, your child asks you a lot of questions which can be tiresome, but it should be

encouraged. Asking questions is a useful exercise for their development.

 Encourage your child to practice consistently whatever it is they are interested in, but without

putting too much pressure on them.


4) Give them a chance to figure out problems by themselves

 If you are doing everything for your child, they will never build the abilities to

to figure out problems on their own. Too much help from you may kill problem solving skills

of your child.

Show your child that they can achieve small goals to reach a big achievement.

You can support their confidence by giving new challenges or increasing responsibilities.


 5) Appreciate effort regardless of that they win or lose

  Instead of using phrases like good job\ good boy\girl, praise their efforts in every task. So that they will learn how hard work helps them to gain proficiency in a task.