12 Reasons Children Should Read More

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Picture credit Freepick


Reading is the most important skill that helps children to succeed in school and in life! Here are the reasons…………………


  1. ‘The Matthew effect’ :

According to Mr. Keith Stanovich (Professor of Applied psychology) children who learn to read in the first three years of their education become fluent readers. When children read more, they learn more vocabulary and understand more advanced texts and so they advance further.

The children who fail to read have a poorer vocabulary, understand less.

 The principle of ‘The rich get richer and the poor get poorer’ exactly applies to reading.


  1. Reading expands a child’s knowledge; they get to know more about different places, cultures and practices.


  1. Reading fiction helps them to develop their imagination, which allows children to think in more creative ways to advance their learning.


  1. Many children will shy away from reading out loud because of lack of confidence. Daily reading helps them to gain confidence.


  1. Numerous studies have shown that early reading skills help children academic success in their later years.


  1. Reading makes your child a better reader. Many of the successful people are better readers.


  1. When the child is able to read that helps them get access to a new world that broadens their outlook.


  1. Reading helps children to develop their cognitive ability as they understand better so communicate better.


  1. Reading to children strengthens your relationship with them. Reading aloud also gives children the necessary skills to start reading themselves.


  1. Reading is the foundation for better writing skills.


  1. Reading helps them to understand different emotions in

                    stories which lead to better social interactions.


  1. Early reading increases attention span in young children.