Nurturing budding minds with creative enrichment!

At Kathakalpa, children are provided with the excellent opportunity to participate in various storytelling activities,  which promote creative expression, imagination and inventive thinking, willingness to communicate feelings and improve listening skills.  We help your child become an excellent communicator with improved logic, creativity, and compassion for others. In our sessions we train kids learn new skills and develop their own techniques to be the best communicator. Kathakalpa is a quality kids’ enrichment center, famous for innovative and creative Classes designed with stories and activities. Our unique curricula offers kids the opportunity to build confidence and express their individuality through participation in intellectually stimulating and artistically enriching programs. Our classes are well planned and designed to improve kids ‘concentration, understanding, visualization, analyzing skills and imagination.
Participating in a fun activity is a favorite learning experience for youngsters. Engaging kids’ inquisitive minds in a creative learning setting is vital, as art helps kids learn about creativity and self-expression. Art projects are also a good way for children to develop fine motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination.
Our classes focus on cognitive skill development in children through progressive building of learning skills. Cognitive ability that involves both social and academic skills enhances kids’ attention, memory and thinking to help them cope successfully with the larger social environment. Our workshops are carefully designed, keeping different learning styles of Children in mind. We know that every child is unique, Some learn better with visuals while others learn well with Kinesthetic stimulations and some kids are comfortable with sounds or actual reading/writing tasks. Thus, with us your little dear is exposed to all learning styles that create both excitement and challenge. Interactive communications play an integral role your kid’s upbringing and all round development. We exactly deal with the art of focusing on children and their natural curiosity and creativity.


Being an avid art lover since childhood, the founder, Lyla Paladugu opted to utilize her passion for story telling through mental, social and academic benefits on children. Story telling  is not only an art, it’s a wonderful learning activity that can transfer feelings and emotions and  boost thinking capacity. Having realized that, empowered by dream and driven by passion, she established “KATHAKALPA”, after calling a quit to the corporate career as a trainer.  She re-invented her passion for life and art of storytelling when she started reading stories  to her child and decided to follow her dream in the field of Storytelling. She enjoys telling stories to kids by while increasing knowledge in them by blending life skills, math’s, science, etc. Storytelling is a great skill to teach your child as it helps improve their language skills, stir their imagination and instill  a love of reading in young minds. Modern study says that the fear of speaking in public is one of the greatest fears that adults have. She took the initiative to get children comfortable with speaking in front of audiences at an early age. It’s just one benefit of teaching kids life skills through stories. There are many more advantages of teaching creative art that helps kids deal with every day dilemmas in future.