Quality relationships between children and teachers are the great indicators of student success.

teachers maintain strong relationships by having more conversations with children which will help children to foster their vocabulary.  Our program features a wide variety of stimulating games and activities in a nurturing environment to encourage children to work positively and effectively with others. Small Group and individual activities provide teachers with the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with the children while also offering the chances to explore a broader classroom dynamic.

We see children asking eagerly, “Which activity are we going to do today?”

Toddler Program:

Our toddler program is “home away from home” to our very young students. Our primary goal is to help the children develop strong social and communication skills while gradually becoming more independent.

The goal is to foster a love of learning, while building a strong foundation for the future.
Teachers work with students to direct activity that is a reflection of the interests, strengths and individual needs of those in the class.
As the children work through this unique program, teachers seek to develop the whole child and enhance their physical, social/emotional and creative growth.

KATHAKALPA KINDERGARTEN is a happy place that surrounded by nurturing teachers who understand the experimental nature of the age, the students are provided with a safe environment where the children can explore and enjoy.
This program fosters co-operative play in four-year old and enhances their confidence and self-expression. Social-emotional learning is a main focus, promoting self-esteem, acceptance of others.
Teachers take a developmental approach to academic skills, focusing on the whole child, and including students’ physical, communication, and social skills. The goal is to have children see themselves as problem solvers. Whether the problem is about explaining what has happened, asking about something, sharing a toy\snack. Daily activities help to engage children’s innate curiosity and creativity. Children are excited to enter and explore their classroom and feel valued, and learn how to be a part of the class\group.

The goal of our curriculum is to provide developmentally appropriate experiences where children learn about themselves, others, and the world with the support of respectful and responsive adults. In this child-centered environment, the faculty uses an interdisciplinary approach incorporating literary, arts, numeracy and science.

Our curriculum allows children to have fun and learning to work with others through structured daily routine which includes both child directed and teacher led activities.

Sensory Activities:

One of essential aspects of Toddlers’ brain development is exploring and understanding 5 senses. Our sensory activities (include smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste) help them to learn about their bodies and also world around them.
Emotional Development:
Through activities children learn the importance of being part of a group and aware their own emotions. We create an environment to learn manners and patience. We engage children to play together and expose them to children of different ages, who will lead play and interact with them in new ways.
Oral language is the highest predictor of literacy success. Language and love of books cultivated through listening, speaking, reading and writing. We make reading is an interactive experience by asking questions.
While they are experimenting with different colors and textures they learn to take decisions and interactions with teachers during the process help them to foster their self-esteem.

Motor skills:
Our curriculum helps toddlers to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Daily routines provide them opportunities to strengthen their fine & gross motor skills and also writing skills.

Rhyme & Rhythm:

Music accelerates brain development in the areas which are responsible for processing sound, language, speech and reading. Activities that involve clapping hands, jumping, bending help little ones to relish the joy of music.