Parenting Styles – Uninvolved Parenting


Uninvolved Parenting

This parenting style refers to ignorance of the parents towards their child’s emotional and social needs. While these parents do provide the kids with all the basic necessities of life including good food, ample clothes and a decent academic life, they are often quite inattentive to their emotional needs and rarely show any involvement in the lives of their children.

There is very little, almost negligible communication between the parents and the child, hence resulting in a substantial lack of any warmth or bonding between the two.


The Ways And Means

Uninvolved parenting is often a serious case of negligence of the children’s needs by the parents, but this indifference largely varies from one set of parents to the other. While some parents might, in the least prohibit their children from watching too much television or keep them from exhibiting bad social behaviour, there are parents who care the least about these situations. They expect almost nothing from their children, and hence they think that it’s needless to place any regulations

Uninvolved parents don’t offer any guidance to children with their studies, conflicts with friends or food habits, leisure and even in cases when children seem upset. Often these parents make excuses that they are almost too overwhelmed with their own emotional or financial issues or are simply too tied up with their social commitments.

The Effects

Children raised by uninvolved parents often exhibit the following tendencies:

  • Cannot develop the life-skills like understanding others; paying attention to tasks, knowing the limits in social situations etc.
  • Are socially and emotionally withdrawn.
  • Tending towards misbehaviour.
  • Easily give into substance abuse and other hazardous addictions.

Bottom line: Although every parent uses all these parenting styles in daily life, few are more comfortable with one style over the other.