Teach your children Thinking Skills through stories

Things are changing rapidly, gone those days just scoring marks is enough to reach the high rungs of career ladders, young children need to be encouraged to endure their skills that essential to cope up with the competition around them.

Do you want your children be ………………..

  • A person who enjoy challenges and come up with solutions?
  • Creative?
  • Good observer and analyser?
  • Good communicator?






Do you tell stories to your kid??

For the first 4 questions I bet! You must have answered YES?

But the last answer……………………………. I’m not sure! (If that is YES your children will become like who you are expecting to be)

We are living in an information overloaded world, we get information everywhere, gaining knowledge is so easy these days but inculcating better thinking is necessary than knowledge.

It’s not enough to simply use resources and following instructions of teachers, parents; we need to create a culture that motivates Children to be self-engaged learners to nurture their skills that are very important in this 21st century.

Stories help your children to foster their skills. While telling a Story you ask questions, give expressions, explain something, and ask them to participate, make them to think all these features support overall develop of your children.

Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I will remember.

Involve me and I will understand.

                                                                                         —  An Ancient Chinese Proverb

Thinking Skills:

Storytelling also helps to improve thinking skills, as children are listening to a story they visualize the characters, places and also anticipate what happens next, that makes them to think critically in every situation and come up with possible options.

Thinking aloud is the best way to teach problem solving to children.

How it works is your question?

Whenever you face a problem, you need to explain children how we are going to solve that without frustration, so that children can understand the way of your thinking and follow that procedure if any situation comes. But it may not be possible to you to explain your kids (right away) every time you get a problem that’s why story is the best way.

How storytelling helps children to learn thinking skills                                                          


Problem Solving:

While listening to a story we feel what characters in the story are experiencing, that’s why we cry, we laugh, and we feel sorry. Our brain couldn’t differentiate the real situation and imaginary (many times) so the experiences we face while listening to a story give us the same benefits as we really faced that situation.



We are so fond of the word “Creativity”.  What does it mean exactly…….. “It is the ability to see from different ways”.

That requires taking risks, experimenting, willing to make mistakes. Children experience all these through stories and these experiences help children to learn thinking logically, creatively etc.


Communication: According to the dictionary communication means “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium”

So, learning language is useless if we don’t know how to communicate properly.

Children can learn how to interact with others and how to express their ideas through stories and also acting out stories help them a lot to practice communication.